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Angel Prayer Map Card

Description: 3" x 5" card (8.890000cm x 12.70000cm)  of a Archangel Michael or Guide angel healing map card.

How it works: The client supplies the prayer for an individual (or group) or illness. If for one's self, supply a given name, birthdate, birth area (it can be supplied in longitude and latitude), and the concern or illness that the angel(s) need to focus on in a time-released daily healing/protection.


The code will be given, along with the focus in resonance. The energetic imprint is placed in clearing and cleaning, color, and light chambering. The card or printed page (laminated is best), should be held by the client to add their imprint. Follow the codes with your eyes from top left, to right, to lower left, to lower right. This is how you connect to the prayer card. Place the card somewhere where the Michael shield facing to the north east 23 degrees. Then let the permissions do their work. (If for another person, permissions are needed to set up the Angelic prayer/healing/protection card. If for a child, a parent will need to give the permission.)

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