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Harmonic Universe

Energy Healing Systems

ALTA PORTAL Energy Healing Algorithm Pathways; Psychic Surgery
System Cleansing Energy Applications Blockage or Entity Extractions with Seraphim Blueprint Energies/Reiki Fusion or Angelic Frequency (Universe applications)
Phonic Energy Full Body Massage Remote or in person frequency massage
Consultation sessions by phone or Zoom

+1-919-526-4936 voice or text


I am clairsentient and clairaudient. I am audio sensory, purely intuitive and of telepathic knowing, and sensing. As a clairsentient, I can sense through what is physically there and pick up energy flow. It is the conduit of the four intuitive gifts. When a clairsentient is using their gut or solar plexus feeling of what can be formed around a person, place, or situation. The clairsentient tends to use their ability every day.

My foundation is of the Christ Consciousness (Crystalline Embodiment) – in light, love, health, healing, creating beauty, assisting others, and bringing awareness. Learn teach: teach learn. I am a journeyer of the Divine Light and I AM here to assist humanity, in the service to others.

Background: A graduate of life, school of hard knocks – aware, knowing, and sometimes thinking too much. Creator of beauty, nature, and whimsy lover. A communicator of the elements, a nurturing caregiver, steward of love, embracing charity, warmth, and owns the gift of insurmountable strength...and hope. I expand in knowledge and sharing. 

In the daily life, I am an art director and graphic designer in print and electronic media, an illustrator in both conventional and photographic media. Presently, I work in the biomedical and toxicological sciences and studies, alongside of directors of communication and public liaison, scientists, and researchers. I am a logo and brand designer, graphic standards developer in the usage of brand colors, text, font, and positioning applications. Other abilities and hobbies: crafter, sewing, pattern architect, builder, creator, and manifesting.

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