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ALTA PORTAL Healing with Seraphim Blueprint

Donna’s with her psychic abilities stands out among other practitioners / healers. She performed a soul check for me and connected with my higher-self to scan my auric field and chakras. I was really impressed with the thoroughness of the report - the more so because she worked remotely and without any previous knowledge of my health condition. She was able to detect all the health issues and beyond. After this healing session with Donna, I feel lighter, happier and more loving. I hope everyone can feel this way. Thanks a lot, Donna!

~LS Switzerland

ALTA PORTAL Healing with Seraphim Blueprint

Donna‘s love and wisdom made a huge difference in my life. In a way, I was born again. We connected in the most miraculous of ways through her psychic scanning, and she, with total generosity in personified unconditional love, put words to and clearly explained a conscious realization I have had weeks before. Her healing session brought together a wonderful team of helpers from the etheric realms (Mahavtar Babaji, Yeshua, Metatron, Hozil, AA Raphael and AA Michael) who combined forces that were through the one-of-a-kind vibration and light of Donna – channeled and applied around the areas of psychic surgery – reptilian presence removal, sophisticated undesired tracking and transmitting devices removal, very sophisticated spider-like implants removal, and then, very important, healing energies (Seraphim Blueprint energies) ignition towards mind/body/spirit complex healing, uplifting, and regeneration.


She is a master healer of the most High, I call her master healer of the angelic realm (this I channeled myself), definitely one of a kind, a Christed One. Since my experience, I have recommended others to get her help with similar outstanding results, and I will spread the word anytime possible because the way She can progressively heal and open spiritual evolutionary doors for any seeker, if not the most as comprehensive, as one can find on this existential plane.

In uttermost Gratitude, thank you so much Donna.

Miguel Angel – Switzerland

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